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API Testing

API TestingAPI testing is playing a critical role to calculate the overall performance and efficiency of the software. So, if you are looking for software testing, you can choose us at KiwiQA to get the best quality API testing services. This testing is a type of testing in which application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are being tested directly to determine some of the key features that should meet the expectations like:

Functionality, Reliability, Performance. Efficiency & Security.

How Do We Work?

We at KiwiQA, an API Testing Company, provide you with high-quality API testing that can be beneficial for your software. For successful running of your software choose us to get the best API testing services that include the following:

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Functional Testing
  3. Load Testing
  4. Runtime Testing
  5. Security Testing
  6. Web UI Testing

We adopt a unique methodology that includes the following steps to test your software efficiently.

  1. API Specification Review.
  2. Test Specification Development.
  3. Test Framework Development.
  4. Test Case Development.
  5. Test Execution and reporting.

How Is API Testing Useful?

You must know the importance of API testing that can benefit a lot if you do the testing for your software. KiwiQA provides you with the benefits associated with API testing. The benefits include:

  1. Improves Functionality: By testing the software, you are improving their ability to function. You can get to know about the problems in your software, and you can settle them.
  1. Security: With testing, you can protect your software from harmful malware and codes.
  1. Cost Effective: If you test your software then this will cost you lesser than if you do not. It is because fixing the issues cost more than testing cost.
  1. Time Efficiency: It saves your time from not indulging you with fixing the problems due to not testing your software.
  1. Improves Quality: Your software’s quality can be improved with the help of various tests.

Our API Testing Services

Choose KiwiQA if you are looking for a safer and smooth API testing for your software. We provide software testing in the following fields:
  1. Automation Testing: It helps the business to expand fast and progress their testing process. We provide you with this facility at ease and give you quality results.
  2. Mobile Testing: To check the level of functionality and consistency, this test is done by our expert testers through manual or automated API testing services.
  3. Manual Testing: To provide you with reliable and long lasting results, this test is being carried on by our experts at KiwiQA.
  4. Security Testing: Security testing types like penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, security auditing, etc. are carried by our professionals to secure your software from malicious codes.
  5. Performance Testing: It is done by us to check the performance of your software. And, also how much load it can withstand can be checked in this testing.
  6. Code Verification:  Our experts perform these tests to ensure your code is resilient and free from errors.
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Happy Client Says

Excellent QA Team - very thorough, and provides great feedback on what is being done. Very willing to work in a way that best suited us. Definitely an expert in JMeter, which was exactly what we needed... Mr. Julian Cole, Dipolar Pty Limited, Sydney
I hired KQSPL team for an initial review of a website across different/browsers and operating systems. Very quick response, and professional outcome. We are considering them our QA partner. Mr. Simon Doukas, lodie.com.au, Sydney
Thank you for the recent QA and Testing work that you have completed for us. We note that our companies have been working together since 2014. We appreciate you and your teams’s efforts to ensure a quick turnaround on our requests. Creswell Casey – Wilson Parking, Perth
Our software platform at ZingHR undergoes continual enhancement based on user experience and feedback due to which the product needed to undergo repeated exhaustive testing. During the course of exploring options of automating the testing process KiwiQA with Niranjan at its helm was the first service provider that came to mind. Needless to say their services were highly responsive to our dynamic changing needs and the team was ever willing to stretch to meet our stringent delivery expectations.What clearly stood out was the team’s know how and expertise which were largely responsible to give us the required results” Mr. Ravi Bajaj,zinghr.com.au, Sydney
KiwiQA team are at the top of their game in the Software QA space. They are diligent, thorough, prompt and flexible, exactly the kind of support we have always needed. I would highly recommend KiwiQA to any organisation needing software QA and testing support. Amanda Rodgers,Founder at WK Digital
KiwiQA provide high quality support at a very reasonable price. Their penetration testing on our platform was very thorough and provided us confidence in the cyber security of our system. I would recommend others to use KiwiQA. Tim Walmsley, Co-Founder and CEO at BenchOn
Niranjan and KiwiQA team have been extremely professional and thorough in testing our new platform. I'd have no hesitation to use KiwiQA team again! Couldn't speak more highly! Heath Fraser, Founder at AirSmile. Owner at Avenue Dental Kawana
KiwiQA is a premium provider in this QA space and I highly recommend their services. Amanda Rodgers - Founder, Board Director, Entrepreneur
Niranjan & the Kiwi QA team have been excellent. They have a high quality team who has demonstrated great ownership, hustle and have maintained a high quality bar that's akin to the top tech cos. such as Flipkart etc. Would highly recommend KiwiQA. Nikhil Goenka - Cofounder @ Superfone - India's 1st Business phone number

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