"Regression Testing for Newly Implemented Feature"

Our testers will re-execute the tests to test existing functionalities of your software

Regression Testing

Regression TestingRegression Testing is a kind of software product testing that is performed for confirming that a new modification done to the code has not affected the existing features adversely. It is a partial or full selection of previously executed tests that are re-executed for making sure that the existing functionalities are working fine.

We, at KiwiQA, offer an extensive range of superior quality Regression Testing services in Australia that ensure full stability of your software product in terms of features and functionalities. Our services are rendered by our dedicated team of in-house professional testers who deploy the latest and most advanced tools and techniques to deliver top-notch results.

Why Regression Testing?

Regression testing has to be carried out when there’s a:
  1. Change in the project needs and the code is altered to meet the new project needs.
  2. The new feature implemented in the software product.
  3. Need for defect or bug fixing.
  4. Need for fixing performance related issues.

Our Regression Testing Services

Functional Regression Testing

We perform Functional Regression testing for checking if the new modifications done to the software system have affected the existing functionalities of that system.

Automation Regression Testing

Our high end automated Regression testing conducted using the most advanced automation Regression Testing tools make sure that the test cases are highly stable and easy to manage. It offers maximum coverage for faster results.

Partial Regression Testing

We generally perform Partial Regression Testing after the impact analysis. Here, the new implementation in the code is tested to check if it is compatible with the existing code or not.

Unit Regression Testing

Unit Regression Testing is generally carried out during the phase of unit testing. Here the entire code is tested as one single unit.

Complete Testing

This type of Regression Testing is done when the updates made for the software or the modifications done to the code seep back to the very roots. It is even done when multiple modifications are made to the previously existing code.

Why Choose Us for Regression Testing?

As a highly acclaimed and widely known Regression testing company in Australia, we, at KiwiQA, can offer you multiple good reasons to choose our top class regression testing services.

  1. We give you time, listen to your objectives and requirements, and deliver the best regression testing, meeting your expectations and business standards.
  2. We devise highly strategic test plans and abide by the best practices of the industry to deliver quality rich testing services.
  3. Our regression testing services can check and address the breaking out of new bugs effectively and successfully.
  4. With our high-end services for regression testing, you can get the maximum value for the money you invest.

In today’s competitive world outsourcing business requirements is a widely used tactic to win an edge over the competitors. You can outsource Regression Testing Services to us to get industry level regression testing at unmatched prices. Connect with us right away and get the best quote today!

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Happy Client Says

Excellent QA Team - very thorough, and provides great feedback on what is being done. Very willing to work in a way that best suited us. Definitely an expert in JMeter, which was exactly what we needed... Mr. Julian Cole, Dipolar Pty Limited, Sydney
I hired KQSPL team for an initial review of a website across different/browsers and operating systems. Very quick response, and professional outcome. We are considering them our QA partner. Mr. Simon Doukas, lodie.com.au, Sydney
Thank you for the recent QA and Testing work that you have completed for us. We note that our companies have been working together since 2014. We appreciate you and your teams’s efforts to ensure a quick turnaround on our requests. Creswell Casey – Wilson Parking, Perth
Our software platform at ZingHR undergoes continual enhancement based on user experience and feedback due to which the product needed to undergo repeated exhaustive testing. During the course of exploring options of automating the testing process KiwiQA with Niranjan at its helm was the first service provider that came to mind. Needless to say their services were highly responsive to our dynamic changing needs and the team was ever willing to stretch to meet our stringent delivery expectations.What clearly stood out was the team’s know how and expertise which were largely responsible to give us the required results” Mr. Ravi Bajaj,zinghr.com.au, Sydney
KiwiQA team are at the top of their game in the Software QA space. They are diligent, thorough, prompt and flexible, exactly the kind of support we have always needed. I would highly recommend KiwiQA to any organisation needing software QA and testing support. Amanda Rodgers,Founder at WK Digital
KiwiQA provide high quality support at a very reasonable price. Their penetration testing on our platform was very thorough and provided us confidence in the cyber security of our system. I would recommend others to use KiwiQA. Tim Walmsley, Co-Founder and CEO at BenchOn
Niranjan and KiwiQA team have been extremely professional and thorough in testing our new platform. I'd have no hesitation to use KiwiQA team again! Couldn't speak more highly! Heath Fraser, Founder at AirSmile. Owner at Avenue Dental Kawana
KiwiQA is a premium provider in this QA space and I highly recommend their services. Amanda Rodgers - Founder, Board Director, Entrepreneur
Niranjan & the Kiwi QA team have been excellent. They have a high quality team who has demonstrated great ownership, hustle and have maintained a high quality bar that's akin to the top tech cos. such as Flipkart etc. Would highly recommend KiwiQA. Nikhil Goenka - Cofounder @ Superfone - India's 1st Business phone number

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